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Reasons why it's better to hang the TV on the wall

Updated: May 26, 2023

If you've been contemplating whether to install your TV on the wall or not, it's time to weigh the advantages. There are numerous compelling reasons why opting for a wall-mounted TV is a smart choice.

Reasons why it's better to hang the TV on the wall Helper OC

First and foremost, mounting your TV on the wall frees up valuable space and eliminates the unsightly tangle of cables scattered on the floor. Additionally, you can bid farewell to the constant worry of kids or pets accidentally toppling over the TV while they play. What's more, the cost of brackets for wall-mounting is often significantly lower compared to purchasing a brand new TV stand.

Free space in a room

In the realm of apartment living or compact houses, space is often a precious commodity. The presence of excessive furniture only exacerbates the feeling of confinement. In such circumstances, acquiring a TV stand or an additional table for your television would only contribute to the clutter.

Luckily, there's a practical solution: installing your TV on the wall. By securely affixing your TV to the wall using a bracket, you can effectively reclaim valuable floor space without sacrificing an inch.

The mounts are cheaper

Have you ever contemplated the price tag attached to tables or TV stands? Not only can they be surprisingly expensive, but finding the perfect match for your home can also pose a significant challenge.

Investing in additional furniture is an avoidable expense. However, there's a more budget-friendly alternative available: installing your TV on the wall. In many cases, a mounting bracket is included with your new TV purchase, saving you the cost of a separate stand. Moreover, even the more advanced and adjustable brackets are often reasonably priced, making them a practical and affordable option.

Mounts Are Safer for Kids and Pets

Are there little ones or furry companions sharing your living space? If so, keeping your TV placed on a table or stand may pose a far greater risk than you realize.

With children and pets engaged in play or dashing around, the presence of a TV can become an obstruction. Given the current trend of TVs becoming lighter and slimmer, it takes minimal force to accidentally tip them over.

The consequences of such accidents extend beyond potential damage to the TV screen. The safety of your children and pets is also at stake. Therefore, opting to install your TV on the wall emerges as an optimal solution, ensuring the well-being of your loved ones and safeguarding the integrity of your TV.


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